Academic experience:

All positions as Teaching Assistant were held at the Department of Policy Analysis and Public Management, Bocconi University. All roles involved the management of the online student-professor interface, in-class support and assistance with grading:

  • TA for course: “Economia e Management delle Amministrazioni Pubbliche” (BSc). Taught in Italian (ENG: The Economics and Management of Public Administration). AY 2017/2018.
  • Course link.

I gave tutorial sessions to students for the elaboration of a proposal for the (fictional) Ministry of Culture as to how to transform the model for the allocation of funds from an input- to an output-based system. The students used data to create indicators measuring various outputs of cultural institutions and proposed a strategy to balance typical public sector trade-offs such as helping the weakest vs. rewarding the strongest, ensuring accessibility vs. encouraging progressive programming.

  • TA for course: “Diversity Management and Policy” (BSc). AY 2017/2018.
  • Course link.

I designed two interactive lessons for the programme, one an in-class experiment with real-time results and data analysis, as well as a comparison with the results of the laboratory-based experiment. The other was an in-class survey, again with real-time data analysis for the students comparing their results with those from national-level surveys.

  • TA for course: “Public Management” (BSc). AY 2015/2016.
  • Course link.

Guest lecturer on the topic: International Organisations and International Governance: the European Commission. I gave two lectures on this topic, developing and delivering the content of the class. I also assisted students in the preparation of a group-based exam, looking at performance management and how best to establish successful private-public partnerships as a NGO.

  • TA for course: “Policies for Arts and Culture” (BSc). AY 2015/2016.
  • Course link.

I assisted with in-class debate, excursions to cultural centres as part of the course and with the students’ consultancy project whereby they had to design a plan for improving audience participation and engagement at a Milan-based arts institution.

Previous experience:

I spent a year teaching English at an Italian “College of Excellence” (Collegio Santa Caterina) as part of my undergraduate degree. There I designed my own lesson plans, developed a syllabus and provided one-on-one tutorials for students where needed.