I am a Ph.D. candidate in Public Policy and Administration at Bocconi University. My research and teaching interests include public policy, political institutions, comparative politics, bureaucratic politics and public administration (local and national level).

I received my bachelor’s degree from Oxford University and my master’s degree from University College London, before going to work as a Policy Officer for the European Commission. This experience shaped the direction of my research, which lies at the interface between political institutions and public administration.

My research is in comparative politics and public policy and, using the lens of political economy, aims to better understand how agency relations function in modern governance. The increasingly complex ways in which governments enact their policies – for example, the ever-lengthening chains of delegation from sovereign power to point of service delivery – demand the closer study of how agency relations relations play out in real life. The repercussions for democratic legitimacy are profound. More specifically, I focus on the structural side of modern policy-making, addressing how hybrid governance arrangements and changing agency relationships can affect fundamental features of the democratic process, such as accountability.

I was awarded the Fulbright-Schuman scholarship for the academic year 2016/2017, which I spent at Harvard University’s Economics Department under the supervision of Professor Claudia Goldin.

For more information on working papers or ongoing projects, please email me. Thank you very much for visiting.